FAQ’s about car transports

Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Within how many days will my car be at its destination after placing an order?

We would normally expect to carry out the transport within 10 days after receiving an order.

Is it possible to have my car delivered on a specific date/time?

Our prices are based on a 10 days delivery. As we plan our transports very efficiently we are not able to guarantee a specific day or time. However we can inform you timely when your car is to be loaded or when it arrives so you can make your arrangements in advance.

Which documents are required for the transport of a car?

CMR documents will be prepared by Sinke Autotransport Service. No other papers are necessary for transport within the EU.

Do I need special insurance during transport?

We have an insurance based on CMR conditions. Additional insurance can be arranged via Sinke Autotransport Service or via your own insurance agent.

What happens if damage occurs during transport?

Before we load your vehicle we take photographs. After unloading we again take photographs. Any eventual damage will be paid according to CMR conditions

I have bought a car outside the EU. Are there any additional requirements?

The transport to or from EU countries is covered by CMR regulations. For Customs purposes a T1 document is required. The vehicle has to be exported from one country and imported into the EU. We can arrange import and export documents on request.

I have bought a car in the EU. Do I have to import this car?

A car bought within the EU does not have to be imported. Although several countries do apply taxes on cars bought in other EU countries.

Can a damaged car be transported?

Our drivers are specialised in the loading and unloading of damaged cars. The transporters are equipped with special tools. Almost any car can be loaded by using a winch. In some cases the car has to be handled with a forklift.

I have a contact at the destination or receiving address. Could Sinke Autotransport Service contact them before arrival?

If you give us the details of the contact person, we will arrange contact (for example two hours before arrival).

Could Sinke Autotransport Service pay storage or purchase costs at the loading address?

When ordering we can agree to pay costs at the loading address. However, these would have to be paid in advance to our account. The amount of cash carried in a lorry is limited to avoid any problems like robbery.

What makes up the price of the transport?

The costs are based on the dimensions and the weight of a vehicle. A van has a different price to a car. To calculate the price we need to know the loading and unloading address, and the dimensions of the vehicle. If you do not have them available then make, type and year are sufficient for us to offer you the best possible price.

Can a car be loaded and transported to anywhere?

We can load and unload at private and/or industrial addresses. The address has to be within easy reach of our car transporters. If the address is not reachable we will look for alternatives.

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